Tips to have a better travel via train in Malaysia

While the lovely country of Malaysia is considered to be one of the cheapest travel destinations in the world and also growing with each passing day with tourists flooding into the nation in numbers, travelling in the region via trains are always a matter of debate.

Even though KTM Malaysia are pretty well connected starting with their great connectivity to their neighboring nations and within the city, from the outskirts to the big cities in the area, travelers often get confused as to which to choose where the travel options are plenty.


Tourism being the highest revenue earner in the terms of economy to the nation, the transport options include air routes, great bus routes, car routes and even the taxi routes along with their inter- country and inter-city rail routes.

In case affordability and a comfortable and hassle- free experience are concerned, for any long distance travel, the train services offered by Malaysia should be opted for without a second thought.

While one has made the mind travel by train, there are a few expert tips to make the journey a comfortable and a hassle-free one.

Some of the tips include:

  1. Reach the station on time.
  2. Check the tickets and the schedule of the departure and time of reaching well in advance to stay on the safer side. Many times, train schedules change and keeping up-to-date with the information is necessary.
  3. Certain safety measures to be taken while at the platform include complying with the Train Duty Officers while on the platform and taking all the precautions necessary. The other safety measures while on board includes taking precautionary measures including taking care of kids and luggage or personal belongings and that smoking is banned in air-conditioned compartments.