Ferry service from Marina South Pier to St John Island  

Are you planning a quiet escape from the city? You can head towards the Southern offshore and visit the Kusu Island, St. John’s and the Pulau Hantu. A lot many water activities like swimming, fishing, snorkeling may be enjoyed. The regular ferry service is available to help you reach the Kusu Island and the St. John’s Island. Boats are also accessible that may be booked privately. There are cruising companies online providing regular ferries and scheduled transportation services to the St. John’s and the Kusu Island. Private charters are also available for the Southern Islands.

Where is St. John’s Island?

Previously known as the Pulau Sakijang Bendera, the St. John’s Island is the Southern Island in the Singapore located 6.5kms towards the South of the Singapore’s main island. The island is the magnificent haven of flora and fauna and people take up weekend visits here. It is in fact the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is the 39 hectare of pristine land harboring the Tropical Marine Science Institute and the Agri Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore. You have every reason to take up ferry to St. John Island Singapore.

St. John Island holiday

Spend the afternoon walking along the stretch of pristine beach and enjoy the tranquility, calmness and serenity. Play the ball games, enjoy barbeques and chill under the palm trees. Besides the pristine sandy beaches or the lush greenery, the island also has the bungalows available to the visitors for overnight stay. The sea view is awesome and you will love the sun. Read the books, enjoy the breeze and spend peaceful moments. You may also consider swimming here. Catch the ferry from the Marina South Pier or the Marina Bay Terminal.

St. John’s Island ferry Schedule!

If you wish to know the exact schedule of the ferry service, you can check out the websites for the same. On the weekends the ferry leaves by 10 and returns at 3pm. It reaches the place via the Pulau Kusu Route. In the Pulau Kusu, the ferry stops for one hour and permits you to wander around the turtle temple which is very fascinating. The St. John’s Island is the old quarantine and the detention camp suffering from the fascination with the fences. Daily ferry service and boats are offered to help you reach the St. John’s. Check the websites to see the timings and schedules. Those willing to arrive by the private charter will be charged 50 cents as the admission fees. This fee will be included within the ferry cost if you intend to take the ferry. Per person will be charged $16 and for the kids it is $7. Students must choose the ferry service since it is easy and cost effective.

If you are intending to take St. John Island holiday, consider St John Island Ferry service from Marina South Pier to St John Island. The ferry service is available all throughout the week with the exception that on the weekends ferries are available at the gap of every 2 hours.

Bus Services in Malaysia

Are you planning to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron via an express bus? This article would guide you through the points that must be kept in mind before choosing any kind of express bus. Let us first start by understanding as to why people prefer travelling from these express buses.

Why choose express buses?

cityexpress05People, generally prefer traveling through Express buses because they can still remain connected with the rest of the world, while roaming, through your mobile phone. Many luxurious coaches also have plug points for charging the laptop and tablets and making use of them throughout your entire journey.

A number of operators of Express buses advertise that they offer free WiFi services. However in reality, the Internet is very slow and often, not accessible. Thus, it should be checked by the time you are booking in express bus whether it is offering you a free Internet usage while you are on the bus.

For KLIA bus booking, check this website: http://www.easybook.com/bus-terminals/klia-bus-terminal

Meals are also served on the board in accordance with the kind of food that you wish to eat at anytime of the day. Depending on the kind of budget that you have, the time that you wish to departure and the kind of facilities you want from the express buses, you can book them instantly.

Where can you book the express buses from?

You can board on an express bus from the airport itself. This will help you from the hustle of long lines on the taxi stand.  The bus tickets can also be purchased online, in advance after comparing it with the other rates prevalent another website. It also saves you from the Hustle of booking the tickets by standing in long lines. If you are travelling to Malaysia; Kuala Lumpur must be reached earlier. Kuala Lumpur will be the destination from which you can avail all sorts of express buses. The stoppage from which these buses start from is known as Raya terminal. It is also the main bus terminal of the entire City. There are around hundred search Express buses plying to various areas from Kuala Lumpur.

What is the best way to book the tickets?

A very efficient way to book tickets of these Express buses is by booking it online. This provides you the option of comparing the existing rate with other buses. It also saves you from the hustle of booking the tickets by standing in long lines.

What role does the bus attendant and the drivers play in your journey?

The bus attendant also plays a very important role. A knowledgeable bus attendant would guide you about the best places that you could visit in Singapore and also make a lot of effort to increase your comfort level while travelling in the bus. There are excellent bus drivers who take extreme care of your comfort and help you to travel with ease through their excellent driving skills.

Tips to have a better travel via train in Malaysia

While the lovely country of Malaysia is considered to be one of the cheapest travel destinations in the world and also growing with each passing day with tourists flooding into the nation in numbers, travelling in the region via trains are always a matter of debate.

Even though KTM Malaysia are pretty well connected starting with their great connectivity to their neighboring nations and within the city, from the outskirts to the big cities in the area, travelers often get confused as to which to choose where the travel options are plenty.


Tourism being the highest revenue earner in the terms of economy to the nation, the transport options include air routes, great bus routes, car routes and even the taxi routes along with their inter- country and inter-city rail routes.

In case affordability and a comfortable and hassle- free experience are concerned, for any long distance travel, the train services offered by Malaysia should be opted for without a second thought.

While one has made the mind travel by train, there are a few expert tips to make the journey a comfortable and a hassle-free one.

Some of the tips include:

  1. Reach the station on time.
  2. Check the tickets and the schedule of the departure and time of reaching well in advance to stay on the safer side. Many times, train schedules change and keeping up-to-date with the information is necessary.
  3. Certain safety measures to be taken while at the platform include complying with the Train Duty Officers while on the platform and taking all the precautions necessary. The other safety measures while on board includes taking precautionary measures including taking care of kids and luggage or personal belongings and that smoking is banned in air-conditioned compartments.